Transparent on black latex catsuit

Loose transparent latex panties and loose latex arm covers in the same transparent color. Works well with black latex catsuit. You can’t go wrong with that :-)  A big piece of black latex sheeting is just a cherry on the top :-)
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Loose transparent latex panties on black latex catsuit



This time, we were trying to experiment with loose transparent latex. Grab a transparent loose latex panties and loose latex arm covers in the same transparent color. If you count transparent as color :-)
Put that on black latex catsuit, yes, the black color is the best for all color combos.  Also we find a big piece of black latex sheeting so we put that in use as well :-)
Enjoy …

Playing with new loose latex nightdress

I have a new toy, new black latex nightdress, love them. They’re nicely loose, I love dressing loose latex outfits over skin tight catsuit. They have long loose sleeves and frills. For this video, I was wearing jade latex catsuit with black gloves and black latex stockings. Of course latex hood is must have accessory.
Enjoy the clip

Friday evening in loose latex gallery

It’s hot, temperature was almost at 35 C and I’m standing in my rubber room. It’s full of clothes and I’m eager to choose something loose. I want to add a second layer to my catsuit, so I choose latex shirt with long sleeves and loose shorts….. I’m dressed from head to toe, and it is fantastic. It’s gonna be hot evening …..
Have a sweaty latex weekend.
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