Foreplay in total latex enclosure with hot fan #1

Foreplay in total latex enclosure with hot fan #1
One of RubberHell’s biggest fans wanted to come for a visit and spend some time in tight shiny rubber catsuits. Since I was following her for a while too, I decided to give it a try and see what will happened… Since we had a couple of conversation about our kinky meeting in latex on the phone, we state a date and pick her up that day at the station, than took her to our place. After arriving, we went to choose the right latex outfit for her and since she wanted to try the total latex catsuit enclosure, we pick the black latex catsuit, latex gloves plus some other important rubber accessories and transform her to a sexy latex doll. Than we made a dinner, played some games, watched a movie. After that, I decided to go to change my rubber collar, she went straight with me, and started to touching me, my latex covered body. In that instant, I knew she wanted to push her visit to the next level, so I started to cuddle her, started to play with her gorgeous body, and give here a good massage on her horny shiny latex body…. she really liked it… Here’s a short clip from our foreplay, but since she is really shy, we decided to keep what came next private. But we get her permission to post this for now, so enjoy


Dressing latex gloves and stocking over black latex catsuit on leather sofa

In this shiny clip, you can see our shiny latex model, dressed in all black latex catsuit and red corset. She is slowly dressing white stockings and white latex gloves. Preparing for kinky RubberHell shootings

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Kinky latex mashup end of the year 2018 from rubberhell

Dear latex kinksters, the end of the year 2018 is almost here, so we decided to make a short latex video mashed from our short clips, we made during our kinky latex shootings. Yes, some of the clips are shot in portrait mode ;-) Enjoy and Merry Xmas