Full black latex doll on leather sofa


Nice tight shiny black latex catsuit with heavy corset, latex gloves, hood with ponytails along with punk lacing miniskirt. Relaxing on red leather sofa feels really comfy :-)

Enjoy …

Latex layers for kinky rubber session / blouse and miniskirt

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Forced blowjob in puffed latex blouse

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We’re sure you know how difficult it can be to choose the right latex outfit. In this short miniseries, we’d like to show you, how to layer the latex blouse and miniskirt and how cool it can look, when dressed on a black latex catsuit.


Weekend activity in jade catsuit and black latex accessories

bonus clip from that evening

last clip from this session Spring jade rubberdoll blowjob with sunglasses is available at our store
Spring jade rubberdoll blowjob with sunglasses

It was first spring weekend and a friend of ours sent us his kinky photo-book so I decided to read it. But for that type of book, I have to be properly dressed. So I put on my jade zipper-less latex catsuit with matching socks and since you liked the jade and black latex combination, I also put on my new black latex mask with black fingerless gloves heavy rubber corset and black latex mini skirt. And since spring just started, I’ve put on my favorite sunglases :-)
Enjoy :-)

Friday evening in loose latex gallery

It’s hot, temperature was almost at 35 C and I’m standing in my rubber room. It’s full of clothes and I’m eager to choose something loose. I want to add a second layer to my catsuit, so I choose latex shirt with long sleeves and loose shorts….. I’m dressed from head to toe, and it is fantastic. It’s gonna be hot evening …..
Have a sweaty latex weekend.
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