Spring outdoor wandering in latex pics

spring-outdoor-wandering-in-latexNature was waking up after the winter sleep, encouraging us to go outdoors and wander dressed in latex. The sun was up and shining, birds were singing and I went out fully dressed in latex to enjoy my deviant ideas. Pretty dressed in latex catsuit with rubber boots. All complemented by a rubber harness and protective goggles. Outside it was beautifully warm and I felt really comfortable. Felt the sweat running on my body beneath latex catsuit.
Enojoy your weekend

13 thoughts on “Spring outdoor wandering in latex pics”

  1. OMG. Now You really did it. Instant excitement facing a huge E in certain part. This is so beautiful. That catsuit mask and some close ups certainly made my weekend start sensational. Hope you r not upsett when I get naughty mind as first reaction. Ty for sharing.

  2. It is very hot fetish spring! 19! Butt and skintight latex! My double fetish! :) Can I kiss that sexy a$$ in my dreams?! :) Sorry RubberTerra, but sometimes I can’t control my emotions and some part of my body, when I see your pics or videos :)

  3. Another gorgeous photo set head to toe in shiny black latex. Nothing is hotter!!! Luv the way you hold your bum with your gloves on. The most essential pair of latex items. Very hot an well done :)

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