Rubber visit from outher space

How do you imagine aliens, like a creepy, awful creatures? Well, some of them surely are, but we can assure you, that in galaxy far, far away, a kinky creature lives called RubberTerra. She is beautiful, her body is made from material, known for us as latex. But she hot but also very cruel and pervy. She often travels to the Earth and captures terrans, to use them for her pleasure, maybe one day, she’ll visit you …

5 thoughts on “Rubber visit from outher space”

  1. Oh! Alien RubberTerra very sexy and hot! She makes terrans men hard! I think It is honor, to be captured by RubberTerra and serve for her pleasure! :)

  2. love the pics, the red catsuit but esp the red gasmask , so much prettier then the ordinary grey ones available. hope one day will be a video clip available too. Many Compliments

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