Long rubber police baton gallery part 2


Part 2 and also final part from one of my favorite latex gallery so far. Have to use this rubber accessory again :)

It’s long as men’s forearm, hard, black, shiny, smooth and have the right thickness. What is it? ….
Long shiny rubber police baton…
What? You say, that some possibilities of usage comes to your mind? Same here. Right after I unboxed it, have to dress my black rubber catsuit and play with the baton. Tightly bound in rubber corset, I probe its advantages.
Enjoy it


4 thoughts on “Long rubber police baton gallery part 2”

  1. Hey precious. Never had expected this naughty ? twitch. Your really are fabulous. Ty for making me happy. Im fond of you. Rubberhugs and rubberkisses. Dbl

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