Naughty black latex kitty on webcam: playing on the bed

Part 2

Part 1

After watching a movie, latex kitty became little bit naughty, it was dressed in black zipperless latex catsuit with neck entry, latex socks, latex gloves and latex hood with piggy tails. So you can say it was in total latex enclosure. Also had black shiny high heels. I decided that I had to share it with you, so I had to turn on the webcam and record its latex plays :-) Have a great new year full of latex and rubber. Enjoy
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Washing latex clothes in bathtub

Hey guys, It’s washing time. Everyone knows that you have to clean your latex clothes, so it remains ready for your next usage. Best practice we find so far is to fill you bathtub about 2inches/5cm of warmish water, mix it with a spoon of soap and wash your latex clothes in it. Than drain your bathtub and fill it with new fresh warmish water with a teaspoon of silicon oil and wash you latex again in this mixture. Then hang up your clothes and leave it dry. Your latex clothes will reamin shiny and clean, ready for next use :-)
Enjoy your weekend
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Pink rubberdoll in clinic room video

I’m testing my new latex skirt and top. From the front side latex skirt looks quite chaste, but from the back, it is a whole another story. To excel my black latex outfit, I’m trying it in a clinic room that is all white.
Have a great weekend full of rubber.
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Latex fun on our webcam

As many of you know, sometimes, when we’re in the right mood, we make latex streams. Here is on of them, which went out of control. Someone get hard and someone when see hard cock in rubber gets wet. So you can make the image yourself :-). But turned to be great rubber fun and we enjoyed it. Looking forward to next one. Sorry for the lack of sound, but it is from the youtube website and we didn’t have external audio source.
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Have a great weekend full of rubber.
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