Latex fun on our webcam

As many of you know, sometimes, when we’re in the right mood, we make latex streams. Here is on of them, which went out of control. Someone get hard and someone when see hard cock in rubber gets wet. So you can make the image yourself :-). But turned to be great rubber fun and we enjoyed it. Looking forward to next one. Sorry for the lack of sound, but it is from the youtube website and we didn’t have external audio source.
Parts 1+2+3 of 3 merged together.
Have a great weekend full of rubber.


13 thoughts on “Latex fun on our webcam”

  1. this is SO cool. that catsuit is magic, having a look is so lovely, feeling and touching eachother
    is so sweet, what a fun video . I m very pleased

  2. The 2nd part is so much more exciting after part 1. Was a pleasant surprise. The short peek down showed it was for real . Loved the head on your breasts. Hoped it would get towards kissing ?. . Biggest thrill is there’s one more part to see.

  3. Part 3 is the highlight of the series. Very clever way of suggesting with no images or visual damage done. The sweet interaction between Rt and Rj was a delight to see. Hope more sequels will follow between the 2 of you.

  4. Thank you @dutchbloke @Dirtyfantasy, more of our interaction will definitely come, so stay tuned ;-) , maybe we can someday make again live webcam session :-)
    @kingzot – thank you, but this was final part of this webcam session, but more videos like this will definitely come :-)

  5. somehow i missed a part i blieve , seen it being edited from start to beginning , and yes i agree part 3 is magic, thank you for sharing, the sensual start , the end tasting his latexed body and stroking . is unbelievable pretty . Far better then most crap made , while this is genuine and for real. I am speechless again , Thank you Terra and Jerry

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