Rubber couple: evening relax in latex catsuit on the sofa

It is almost end of the week, and we decided to just put on some latex catsuits and hoods, sit on our sofa, relax and enjoy latex evening.
Wearing catsuit is same as being completely nude, at least for us. It’s our second skin, but we’re sure most of you know that feeling which only true latex enthusiast can appreciate.

Enjoy the weekend

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Rubberdoll under the table

Sometimes, when you work really late, you need to lose steam. In this time of emergency, it is good to have your obedient rubber doll under the table. She can help you with that, and you can get back to work in no time.
Have a great rubberized weekend

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Long rubber police baton video

It’s long as mens forearm, hard, black, shiny, smooth and have the right thickness. What is it? ….
Long shiny rubber police baton…
What? You say, that some possibilities of usage comes to your mind? Same here. Right after I unboxed it, have to dress my black rubber catsuit and play with the baton. Tightly bound in rubber corset, I probe its advantages.

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Friday evening rubber relax with blow job

We watch some kinky movies, last friday. After that …. playing time. So what a good rubber girl needs, when she’s horny. Me personally, hard dick to suck. Luckily, Jerry is always ready, so after little foreplay, I finaly did my favourite part. Yummy Yummy
Have a nice rubber weekend

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Countryside – latex between bales of straw video

Summer was almost over, the days were not so hot. The sun set behind the horizon sooner and latex catsuit is very pleasant in this time. Soft bales of straw are rolling in the fields to create shade, in which you can perform various kinky improprieties. And if you’re lucky like me, you can find some slacker, which will be happy to join.
Enojoy your weekend
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