Bound rubber girl gets fucked #1: on her knees in catsuit with ball gag

Full clip Bound rubber girl gets fucked #1: on her knees in catsuit with ball gag

She is ready on the bed, dressed in tight black latex catsuit with a heavy rubber chest harness and handcuffs. Her mouth is sealed with big gag. Her arms are locked to her legs so she is not able to move and he can do whatever he wants with her. At first, he plays with her body, rubbing it, touching it… slapping her over her hot shiny ass, preparing her for what comes next. After a while, he unzips her crotch zipper and starts to play with her wet pink pussy. Using an inflatable butt plug and a powerful MagicWand, she is horny and she likes it. Than, he sticks his big cock in her and fucks that bound slut hard….. Enjoy

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Bound rubber girl gets fucked #1: on her knees in catsuit with ball gag

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Hot latex summer in the forest

Summer almost ends and that means warm sunny days will be over soon. Well, as much as most of the people hate that, it’s actually a good thing. It means more indoor playing in latex. But if you really want to enjoy some latex out there in the nature, now is the best time. Sun is warm, but not so much, that will make your total latex enclosure in latex catsuit unbearable. Also mushroom season is over, so you don’t have to worry about mushroom pickers which when they see you in latex from head to toe, could get heart attack :-) Anyway, here’s a tip for ideal latex outdoor outfit. So enjoy this weeks gallery, and have fun watching :-)
Have a nice weekend
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Spring outdoor wandering in latex pics

spring-outdoor-wandering-in-latexNature was waking up after the winter sleep, encouraging us to go outdoors and wander dressed in latex. The sun was up and shining, birds were singing and I went out fully dressed in latex to enjoy my deviant ideas. Pretty dressed in latex catsuit with rubber boots. All complemented by a rubber harness and protective goggles. Outside it was beautifully warm and I felt really comfortable. Felt the sweat running on my body beneath latex catsuit.
Enojoy your weekend
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