Just for fun – totally enclosed in jade and black latex catsuits

Jade is definitely one of my favorite colors. I’m trying to wear my jade latex catsuit where I can, when I can. This was one of that occasions :-) With black latex mask and black latex waist belt, it makes great accessory to my cameraman totally enclosed in black rubber :-) And your favorite color of latex is?
Enjoy the clip.

Playing on bed with my latex slave

My slave was dressed in full black latex outfit. He was bound to bed, so ho couldn’t move. I was also fully dressed in latex, from had to toe in black latex catsuit, latex hood with tail, finger-less latex gloves and heavy rubber corset. I approach the bed and started to tease my latex slave. He liked it a lot, after a while, it started to be pretty obvious in his crotch, so I started to focus on that area of his latex body….

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