Playing with new loose latex nightdress

I have a new toy, new black latex nightdress, love them. They're nicely loose, I love dressing loose latex outfits over skin tight catsuit. They have long loose sleeves and frills. For this video, I was wearing jade latex catsuit with black gloves and black latex stockings. Of course latex hood is must have accessory.
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Pink latex catsuit covered in fishnet


A long time ago, we brought new accessory to our kinky collection.. black fishnet catsuit. It was in our fetish wardrobe for couple months, but now, we decided to a photoshoot it with some latex. Our choice was neck entry pink latex catsuit with black latex accesories. Corset, hood and rubber gloves in addition with heavy rubber collar and high heels. See for your self how it looked.
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Have a nice weekend
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Rubber doll pissing in black latex catsuit

You know that feeling, when you travel somewhere and nature starts to call. Of course, there are no toilets around, so one must find a quite place to pee. Yeah, that was this case. We were on a latex photo trip, and we were dressed in latex catsuits from our home. So we had to find a good spot, stop the car and I could finally relieve myself. After that, we looked around and the place seemd nice, so we made some cool pics, that you can see in .... and film some realy, really short latex clips. Those will be released latter πŸ™‚
Have fun

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Rubber couple hanging around in latex – bonus clip

watch full clip Rubber couple hanging around in latex

Lounging on the sofa in latex catsuits, a bit of tickling and face sitting. As it seems normal relaxing evening. But that will change when she gets a taste to shoot a video of herself, while giving him blow job, from angle that she likes. She carefully watching whatΒ΄s on camera and devotedly sucking cock until she gets his cum in her mouth.

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