Latex doll gets two orgasms on rubber bed

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Both dressed in full black catsuits, total latex enclosure, the right way. She is on the rubber bed, surrounded with black latex pillows, waiting for tonight’s the ride. He is ready to please her. Her hot latex body is waiting for his hard shiny cock. She is warmed up, using her latest vibration toy. He goes right in, into her sweat pussy. It isn’t taking so long and here comes her first orgasm, but we’re not stopping now, not today. I am still hungry for that awesome body, I want more… Her second orgasm comes in a bit 🙂 I choose the best parts, so enjoy this short clip

Latex doll gets two orgasms on rubber bed

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Hot spring outdoor walk with pissing in latex catsuit

Nature was waking up after the winter sleep, encouraging us to go outdoors and wander dressed in latex. The sun was up and shining, birds were singing and I went out fully dressed in latex to enjoy my deviant ideas. Totally enclosed in latex catsuit with rubber boots. All complemented by a rubber harness and protective goggles. Outside it was beautifully warm and I felt really comfortable. Felt the sweat running on my body beneath latex catsuit.

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Sunny day in welding goggles

Outside walk in total latex enclosure and welding goggles

Sunny day, love them, ideal to go black. Latex catsuit is my number one choice for this type of weather. But as every one knows, you have to wear some sun protection. You’re right, goggles. I prefer welding goggles, biggest UV factor you can get. I can stare straight to the sun. And whats your favorite choice of eye protection?
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