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    Here you can add some question or requests about rubberhell web



    i can see only an image where you can place just a link All about your topic showing yourself or myself in latex ( not sure if thats the intention.) maybe you ll have tp get the picture first and approve the picture. or place it by yourself. also not sure if any pics only will show kinky posures or also , more strict subjects like bondage , breathplay or bdsm etc.



    Any type of content, unless it involves latex & rubber themed, is more than welcome!
    Yes, the uploading was stopped, but now it should work fine.
    We thought, linking the image or video to post will be better option, since most people have them on social sites etc. But the upload feature should be now up and running.
    For now, filesize limit is set to 1 MB(1024 KB) per file. It should be fine, for photos.
    If you want to upload larger file(video for instance), let us know, and we’ll try to make it work somehow.
    But the best way for large, is to upload it to some server(like for instance, where you can use password protection, or other file sharing server) and than link it here.
    here is an example of large video Like this.

    rubberhell video at
    password: rubberhell

    let us know



    hi how do you put your catsuit on? you use oil or talk? or you have things chlorinated?



    i keep my catsuits Always slightly covered with talc to keep it flexible and supple. since te main problems is Always below the arm pit, i use pjur or other sillicone oil on my arms and shoulders. and some on the upper part of my legs.
    all ripping accidents were Always just below the armpit area , because theres the most tense part of the whole catsuit in my case



    We use only silicon oil, spread it all over body and then dress latex.
    Talc powder absorb to skin in a second, oil can remain a lot longer and since we spend a lot time in latex, talc shows to be unefficient.
    Maybe, we should make a dressing video 🙂



    Have you noticed that they never have any pictures of women sweating in their catsuits. Always prim and proper. I know that they sweat buckets when they are fully enclosed like that. What is wrong with showing what it really looks like. So sexy.



    @rbone well, most of the time I use oil for dressing, and when I do, for some reason I don’t sweat that much. Of course it depends on activity 😀



    i agree with Rubberterra , activity is the major thing, for myself i only sweat loeda of sweat inside my mask, on my body it seems the sweating is much less, unless you r in a preheated surrounding , outdoors the sweating is almost zero. the most sweating is when im in multiple layers and bondage with Mistress. but you cannot see it while it runs into my latex socks. you only can tell when the mask comes off, same with ladies into bondage i guess.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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