Playing on bed with my latex slave

My slave was dressed in full black latex outfit. He was bound to bed, so ho couldn’t move. I was also fully dressed in latex, from had to toe in black latex catsuit, latex hood with tail, finger-less latex gloves and heavy rubber corset. I approach the bed and started to tease my latex slave. He liked it a lot, after a while, it started to be pretty obvious in his crotch, so I started to focus on that area of his latex body….

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Shining zipper less black latex hood with pigtails

I was dressed for that day in latex catsuit, rubber corset and of course latex hood with pigtails. But in the evening, I decided that my latex hood needs to be little bit more shinier so I took silicon oil and make it extra shiny 🙂

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Rubber doll pissing in black latex catsuit

You know that feeling, when you travel somewhere and nature starts to call. Of course, there are no toilets around, so one must find a quite place to pee. Yeah, that was this case. We were on a latex photo trip, and we were dressed in latex catsuits from our home. So we had to find a good spot, stop the car and I could finally relieve myself. After that, we looked around and the place seemd nice, so we made some cool pics, that you can see in …. and film some realy, really short latex clips. Those will be released latter 🙂
Have fun

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