Hot latex summer in the forest

Summer almost ends and that means warm sunny days will be over soon. Well, as much as most of the people hate that, it’s actually a good thing. It means more indoor playing in latex. But if you really want to enjoy some latex out there in the nature, now is the best time. Sun is warm, but not so much, that will make your total latex enclosure in latex catsuit unbearable. Also mushroom season is over, so you don’t have to worry about mushroom pickers which when they see you in latex from head to toe, could get heart attack :-) Anyway, here’s a tip for ideal latex outdoor outfit. So enjoy this weeks gallery, and have fun watching :-)
Have a nice weekend
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Pink rubberdoll in clinic room video

I’m testing my new latex skirt and top. From the front side latex skirt looks quite chaste, but from the back, it is a whole another story. To excel my black latex outfit, I’m trying it in a clinic room that is all white.
Have a great weekend full of rubber.
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Bed play in claret latex catsuit

Another week passed, so update time again :-) As those, who following us on social media sites can saw, we released several images from this week’s gallery. Yes, it’s the claret catsuit with small rubber belt and smoky stockings. We made about one hundred latex photos of RubberTerra, so we decided to split this gallery to two smaller parts. Second part will be available soon so just for now, enjoy the first part of this latex sesion :)
Have a nice weekend
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