Jade and black total latex enclosure

It was a long working day, so I want to relax a bit, and what is better way of relaxing than dressed in total latex enclosure. This evening, I’ve decided to go full jade mixed with black garments. From head to toe, but if you’re the regular visitor, you know, that its my favorite way. Dressed in skin tight jade latex catsuit, latex hood of same color with black latex colar, black latex corset. Socks and gloves, also made from black latex. Mmmm, love this outfit so much… have to start playing with myself, touching and fondle … time well spent.. Do you like this color combo too?
Have a nice weekend
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Washing latex clothes in bathtub

Hey guys, It’s washing time. Everyone knows that you have to clean your latex clothes, so it remains ready for your next usage. Best practice we find so far is to fill you bathtub about 2inches/5cm of warmish water, mix it with a spoon of soap and wash your latex clothes in it. Than drain your bathtub and fill it with new fresh warmish water with a teaspoon of silicon oil and wash you latex again in this mixture. Then hang up your clothes and leave it dry. Your latex clothes will reamin shiny and clean, ready for next use :-)
Enjoy your weekend
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Bed play in claret latex catsuit – part 2

Second and last part of Bed play in claret latex catsuit. Enjoy

Another week passed, so update time again :-) As those, who following us on social media sites can saw, we released several images from this week’s gallery. Yes, it’s the claret catsuit with small rubber belt and smoky stockings. We made about one hundred latex photos of RubberTerra, so we decided to split this gallery to two smaller parts. Second part will be available soon so just for now, enjoy the first part of this latex sesion :)
Have a nice weekend
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