Rubber couple: evening relax in latex catsuit on the sofa

It is almost end of the week, and we decided to just put on some latex catsuits and hoods, sit on our sofa, relax and enjoy latex evening.
Wearing catsuit is same as being completely nude, at least for us. It’s our second skin, but we’re sure most of you know that feeling which only true latex enthusiast can appreciate.

Enjoy the weekend

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Rubberdoll under the table

Sometimes, when you work really late, you need to lose steam. In this time of emergency, it is good to have your obedient rubber doll under the table. She can help you with that, and you can get back to work in no time.
Have a great rubberized weekend

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Friday evening in loose latex gallery

It’s hot, temperature was almost at 35 C and I’m standing in my rubber room. It’s full of clothes and I’m eager to choose something loose. I want to add a second layer to my catsuit, so I choose latex shirt with long sleeves and loose shorts….. I’m dressed from head to toe, and it is fantastic. It’s gonna be hot evening …..
Have a sweaty latex weekend.
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