Full black latex doll on leather sofa


Nice tight shiny black latex catsuit with heavy corset, latex gloves, hood with ponytails along with punk lacing miniskirt. Relaxing on red leather sofa feels really comfy :-)

Enjoy …

Transparent on black latex catsuit

Loose transparent latex panties and loose latex arm covers in the same transparent color. Works well with black latex catsuit. You can’t go wrong with that :-)  A big piece of black latex sheeting is just a cherry on the top :-)
All latex by www.latexvogue.com
Enjoy …

Latex wasp – total enclosure in latex catsuit

latex-wasp-total-enclosure-in-latex-catsuitLatex wasp – total enclosure in latex catsuit …

Yellow zipperless neck entry latex catsuit with black latex accessories, heavy latex corset, latex stockings, gloves, black latex hood with long black tails :-) Enjoy this short gallery