Long rubber police baton gallery part 2


Part 2 and also final part from one of my favorite latex gallery so far. Have to use this rubber accessory again 🙂

It's long as men's forearm, hard, black, shiny, smooth and have the right thickness. What is it? ....
Long shiny rubber police baton...
What? You say, that some possibilities of usage comes to your mind? Same here. Right after I unboxed it, have to dress my black rubber catsuit and play with the baton. Tightly bound in rubber corset, I probe its advantages.
Enjoy it


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Friday evening in loose latex gallery

It's hot, temperature was almost at 35 C and I'm standing in my rubber room. It's full of clothes and I'm eager to choose something loose. I want to add a second layer to my catsuit, so I choose latex shirt with long sleeves and loose shorts..... I'm dressed from head to toe, and it is fantastic. It's gonna be hot evening .....
Have a sweaty latex weekend.
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Undressing red latex blouse and olive miniskirt

rubberhell-cdrjcfb-02We've decided, that we make a dressing up in latex video, which we did. And hopefully, it will be prepared soon enough. But in the meantime, you can enjoy this photoset in which RubberTerra undressing her red latex blouse and olive miniskirt.
Have a sweaty latex weekend.
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Back in black latex catsuit with new whip

Get myself new whip, it's great toy for naughty girls. Mostly, whip is used to punishing your slaves, but in a hands of creative rubberdoll, it can change quickly to be a pleasure tool. Wearing tight black latex catsuit, high heels and rubber hood of course ...
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Rubber visit from outher space

How do you imagine aliens, like a creepy, awful creatures? Well, some of them surely are, but we can assure you, that in galaxy far, far away, a kinky creature lives called RubberTerra. She is beautiful, her body is made from material, known for us as latex. But she hot but also very cruel and pervy. She often travels to the Earth and captures terrans, to use them for her pleasure, maybe one day, she'll visit you ...
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