Eating cream cheese in latex catsuit

Do you eat when you're dressed in latex catsuit?
We often do. Today RubberTerra enjoys her favorite sweet cream cheese. Mmm.. yummy..
Bon appetite, enjoy the movie

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Heavy rubber relax in red


Sometimes RubberTerra has to take her time off and just relax. But of course totally enclosed in latex. This time she choose as her second skin red latex catsuit with front zippers. Also, she put matching hood, black latex gloves and high heels. At the end, she tight herself in black rubber corset. Sit in her chair and enjoy her rubber relaxation time.
Enjoy this heavy rubber gallery 🙂
Have a nice weekend
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Rubber couple hanging around in latex

Trailer from our full clip Rubber couple hanging around in latex
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Lounging on the sofa in latex catsuits, a bit of tickling and facesitting. As it seems normal relaxing evening. But that will change when she gets a taste to shoot a video of herself, while giving him blow job, from angle that she likes. She carefully watching whaton camera and devotedly sucking cock until she gets his cum in her mouth

Rubber couple hanging around in latex

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